Case Study

Consulting Project

A prestigious client of Tekbloom is entering the utility industry space which is crowded with large, known players as well as a plethora of start ups. Given that the client’s incubation team is itself start up business, Tekbloom recognizes that a phased approach is the appropriate use of client’s resources. This type of approach allows client to measure results and retain flexibility in an effort to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace.

Recognizing the need to leverage scarce resources as well as move quickly, Tekbloom proposes a three phase approach for the client startup product. Phase I, to commence immediately, is to provide a screening methodology to identify those states and companies who are most suitable to early adoption. Phase II will create and implement a business plan for those states identified in Phase I where client product is most likely to have early and strategic wins. Phase III will build on the success achieved in Phase II and create and implement a business plan for client’s new product on a broader regional and ultimately national level.

After two phases of evaluation on the available products in the marketplace, the client made a decision to delay the launch of this new product. Tekbloom’s insight helps client form the right strategy that fits into its own product mix and competitive landscape.

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