Case Study

Data Analytics

Tekbloom’s client is targeting a new area in Mobile search and regards it as a key growth area for the future. Because of Tekbloom’s strength in Data Analytics, Tekbloom was selected to build a Search Data Analyst Team to support the client’s initiative. Tekbloom’s DA team supports the mobile product management and analytic teams with high quality data, reporting, and the ability to dive deep for answers. Within 1 month, Tekbloom ramp up a 4 person data analyst team.

Tekbloom Data Analyst team runs BI report production for weekly updates and monthly business reviews, provides ongoing KPI reporting and publishing at regular cadence. The team runs deep data dives into mobile search log databases, and answers complex planning question from the product management and BI analytics teams. Tekbloom DA now becomes an integrate part of client production team, and plays a pivotal role in delivering insight from the big-data out of the search engine.

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