Case Study

Project Management

Tekbloom PM was hired by one of the prestigious clients to manage the client’s over 125 partners’ program. The challenge was to communicate with the partners on the new features, and collect the feedback from the partners, and also provide incentives for the partners to implement these new features. This has to be done within a limited amount of budget, using the existing tools, and providing the client enough insight to improve the efficiency of the program. Tekbloom gathered all the background information and offered an integrated approach to help the client tackle the business challenge.

The strategy focused on 4 aspects:

  • Build a new website to institute new features.
  • Build a content strategy and execution plan to guide the partners.
  • Communication Strategy which effectively leverage the feedback from the partners.
  • Insight from the data- Tekbloom consultant published weekly and monthly report, which can help the client understand the big picture and identified any problem in an early stage.

The Partner program reaped huge success after 6 months of the program launch. The client accomplished all her goals even with the limit of the budget and resource.

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