Engagement Models

Tekbloom offers a few engagement models for our clients:

  • Onsite Staff Augmentation (OSA) – Client informs Tekbloom on the resource needs and Tekbloom identifies Subject Matter Expert from Tekbloom consultants team. Tekbloom consultant acts as the extension of the client team. Tekbloom charges client per hourly billing rate.
  • Project-Based Work (PBW) – Client informs Tekbloom about their business problem or specific need. Tekbloom will organize team to deliver the solution. Client will not be involved in the process of organizing resources. Tekbloom performance is measured by the deliverables pre-determined by both client and Tekbloom. Tekbloom will charge client per the deliverables.
  • Onsite and Offshore Solution (OOS) – To help client save cost, Tekbloom offers a blended solution by leveraging both offshore resource and onsite project management (PM) resource. Tekbloom onsite PM will drive offshore resource on the deliverables. The charge model can be a blended model of Onsite Staff Augmentation and Project-Based Work.
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